Matalan TOP Sport

TOP Sport has been delivered in primary schools from Summer 2011.

Matalan Sporting Promise has reached 3,000 schools across England, Scotland and Wales in 2011. The programme aims to support more than 15,000 primary teachers across the country, allowing them to deliver Matalan Sporting Promise in their school.

Matalan has committed to reach 6,500 Primary schools by the end of 2012 and 10,000 schools by end of 2013, with the intention to cover all schools in UK soon after that.

Matalan yoUR Activity

yoUR Activity has been in secondary schools since Summer 2011.

A hundred secondary schools piloted the programme in 2011. This year we’re aiming to work with over 700 secondary schools across the country.

yoUR Activity is focused on young people who may not want to do traditional mainstream sports, and instead they have the chance to try activities like Parkour, Street Cheer and Jump Rope

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